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Flexible Garden Hose

Flexible Garden Hose

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Product Description:

Upgrade your gardening experience with the Flexible Garden Hose. This exceptional hose is engineered for convenience, featuring a 3-times expandable design that effortlessly extends from 16.5m to an impressive 50m (approximately 175 feet), providing an extensive reach for all your watering tasks. Whether you're washing your car, tending to your flowers, or cleaning windows, this hose is designed to make your gardening endeavors more efficient and enjoyable.

Key Features:

  • Expandable Design: The hose boasts a 3-times expandable design, allowing it to stretch from 16.5m to 50m, providing versatility in your watering tasks.
  • Spraying Water Modes: Choose from 7 distinct water spraying modes, including full, mist, jet, shower, flat, center, and cone, catering to the specific needs of each watering task.
  • Wide Application: Perfect for a variety of tasks such as car washing, flower/vegetable watering, and window/floor cleaning, making it a versatile tool in your gardening arsenal.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted with a wear-resistant latex tube, the hose is designed to withstand bending and stretching, ensuring durability over time.
  • Optimal Water Pressure: Suitable for water pressure ranging from 0 to 5 bar, ensuring efficient water flow in various gardening scenarios.


  • Water Hose Length: Approximately 16.6m (After filling with water, it can stretch to a range of about 48m - 50m.)
  • Package Weight: 1.165 kg
  • Package Size: 34.00 x 28.00 x 13.00 cm / 13.39 x 11.02 x 5.12 inches

Transform your gardening routine with the Flexible Garden Hose, a reliable and efficient tool that brings ease and flexibility to your watering tasks. Make every gardening session enjoyable and hassle-free by ordering your hose now!

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