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160ML Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

160ML Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

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Product Description:

Discover the perfect solution for improved air quality and enhanced comfort in your home with the 160ML Ultrasonic Air Humidifier. This top-of-the-line humidifier is designed to elevate your living space, ensuring optimal humidity levels for your well-being. Compact and versatile, it's suitable for any room and even convenient to take along when you travel.

Key Features:

  1. Built-in 160ML Water Tank: The Ultrasonic Air Humidifier boasts a built-in water tank with a generous 160ML capacity, making it suitable for use in rooms of all sizes. Enjoy extended relief from dry air without frequent refills.

  2. Ultrasonic Technology: Harnessing the power of ultrasonic technology, this humidifier produces a fine mist that quickly disperses throughout the room. Experience long-lasting relief from dry air, creating a comfortable and soothing atmosphere.

  3. Compact and Portable: With dimensions of 93 * 45 * 124mm, this humidifier is compact and portable. Take it with you on your travels to ensure a comfortable environment wherever you go.


  • Material: ABS + Silicone
  • Size: 93 * 45 * 124mm
  • Color: Crystal
  • Power: 1.5-2W
  • Voltage: DC5V

Connect Ways:

  1. Phone charger
  2. Power bank
  3. USB port for laptop

Package Includes:

  1. Humidifier * 1
  2. USB cable * 1
  3. Manual * 1

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Transform your living space into a haven of comfort with the 160ML Ultrasonic Air Humidifier. Say goodbye to dry air and welcome a soothing atmosphere. Click "Order Now" to experience the benefits of optimal humidity in every room of your home. Don't miss the chance to elevate your well-being and create a more comfortable living environment!

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